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♥ Oh-So-Mariel ♥

a frustrated singer, wanna be model and a trying hard actress. sarcastic as hell but have a soft spot for others. lets follow each other ok?

Looking back and Moving forward….

So many things happened this 2012. Some were planned but most them are unexpected which brought my life to to their most happiest and most saddest experiences. I’ve almost lost the person i truly love. Gained new sets of wild, crazy friends. Got an awesome job and freedom to do what i wanted. So this year, i made few promises and plans not only for myself but also to the people i truly love and care about…..

~ will treat my family on an out of the country vacation (probably later this year )

~ island hopping with my friends after their graduation..

~ try (remember the word haha) to save money for a new car

~ visit disneyland

~ wild party night with my colleagues (oh well we do this almost every week so scratch that off haha)

~ visit a friend and have a tour on macau..(core leave!)

~ to fund some charity event to share my blessings with others :)

As for myself, i’ll try to be kind, patient, lessen cursing and sarcasm and be more friendly as to what my job and environment needs.

Lets brace ourselves and see whats in store for us this 2013. I just wish everyone to have good health, happiness and more blessings to come. Peace with everyone and spread love!

xoxo dolls :*